Photojournalism, Landscape, Nature/Wildlife, Western Lifestyle photography based out of Texas. 

The struggle is between wearing boots, heels or going barefoot. Texan, writer, photographer, pie baker, Jesus lover. Turquoise is my soul color.

I am Texas bred and born. I love high heels, costume jewelry, and big west Texas hair. I have the most awesome, loving, kind, compassionate God. My body resides in the Texas Hill Country, my soul remains in west Texas, my spirit anywhere there are open spaces and night skies filled with blankets of stars, and my heart is scattered in bits and pieces here, there and everywhere in between. I believe in true and unconditional love, the healing power of a west Texas sunset, and that food is its own love language. I believe photography tells a story, and sometimes I add my own thoughts. ​

I hope you enjoy. 

Love Always,

Michelle (aka RED)